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The Joy of Playing With Your Dog: Games, Tricks & Socialization for Puppies & Dogs - book

The Joy of Playing With Your Dog: Games, Tricks & Socialization for Puppies & Dogs - book

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Dogs live to play! It is hardwired into their DNA. When approached with intention, play provides the perfect opportunity to support behavioral development, practice obedience, and develop strong bonds between pup and owner that will last a lifetime.  

 This book guides you through a program of structured play with activities that lead to both better dog-to-dog and dog-to-human relationships. The games, tricks, and socialization techniques are designed specifically for puppies, adult dogs, and even senior dogs.   

Discover the pleasure of science-based learning as you play our version of Hide and Seek and Red Light Green Light with your dog. Fetch taps into the prey drive, so your dog will use it in a healthy manner, and Speak helps to manage excessive barking. Games like Ping Pong Recall teach your dog to come when called even with distractions. Hyper dogs become calmer with games that teach them how to develop an “off switch.” Teaching tricks like Roll Over and activities that include simple agility training at home will strengthen your bond with your dog. The critical section on socialization - an important skill that is missing from most dog behavior programs - teaches you how to successfully introduce and adopt dogs, as well as navigate dog parks. 

With over 200 cheerful, full-color photos, you will have all the inspiration and tools needed to cultivate good behavior with games and enrich the precious shared life between you and your dog.

Hardcover, 223 pages, hand-signed, Countryman Press, 2023