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Dog Leashes

Dog Leashes

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The simple elegance of these braided leads adds strength, durability and confidence during your training sessions and walks with your dog. We use only heavy-duty, solid brass swivel clips and American steer hide. We find this leather to be the thickest, strongest lead material. Unless your dog chews on these leads (not allowed!), they will not crack or fray.

The 6' lead is now available in both 5/8" wide or 3/4" wide leather. The swivel snap is 3 1/4" long for both versions. We prefer a 6' lead for general use.

The leather for the 4' lead is 1/2" wide, and the swivel snap is 2" long making it more appropriate for use with the smaller breeds.

The leather for the 21" lead is 5/8" wide, and the swivel snap is 3 1/4" long. This lead is best for in-house use and close training.